This fabulous hand made and hand painted art pottery jug was produced by the world renowned and highly collected Moorcroft factory in Stoke on Trent, England.
It was designed by Paul Hilditch and it shows a gorgeous design of bright pink and red tulips that climb up the sides of the jug to stunning effect.
It formed part of a 2017 range called I Am Not My Father, which saw reworkings of Walter Moorcroft designs.
By the time the mid-1980s arrived, Moorcroft was in deep financial trouble. Walter Moorcroft, a man who never gave up hope of keeping his business alive, found himself talking to a young Hugh Edwards, a commercial lawyer based in the City of London. There was no time for niceties – which was perhaps just as well because the diagnosis was that Moorcroft was suffering from design starvation. Neither was there time to complain about old father William and his heritage, and so, with a huff and a puff, Walter resketched a tulip design he originally had in mind for lamps a year or so earlier. After a short interlude, Walter proceeded to design Tulips – for him an almost revolutionary turn of events. Even so, it was the start of a Moorcroft fight back with Walter leading the way. Out came Walter’s white tulips on an olive green ground. Simple, and for its time, effective. Tulips sold more quickly than most other available designs. Better still, a familiar flower was re-introduced into Moorcroft art. Designer, Paul Hilditch’s version of Tulips, has striking red and cream tulips which surge in unison from the base to the rim of the jug, their leaves adding strength and vigour to an already striking design.
The design was issued as a limited edition of 40, although thius particular example is a pre-release trial.
Moorcroft's recommended retail price for the jug was £795.00.



Condition Report


Although seconds quality with a red dot to the base it is considered to be in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, crazing or restoration. The jug has a small raised blip near to the handle and some lighter painted areas on the inside as shown in the close up photos. These do not significantly affect the display but should be considered prior to you making your purchase.


Please refer to the attached photographs for confirmation of condition, colour variation and paintwork.


Any bright white marks are as a result of light reflection.



Size and Weight

Shape - JU3/12

Size - 30.5cm (12 inches) in height

Weight - 1350g





Fully stamped to the base with various Moorcroft markings (as shown in the attached photograph for your reference).

MOORCROFT RACE AGAINST TIME I Am Not My Father Trial JU3/12 12" Jug

£795.00 Regular Price
£200.00Sale Price